Illustartions by John B Thayer JR

(New York Herald April 21st 1912)


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The Board of Trade drafted an Amendment to the Rules, suggesting that vessels of the size of the Titanic should carry at least 26 lifeboats.










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Daily Sketch

APRIL 18, 1912



The sinking of the Titanic was a national calamity; the task of assisting the relatives is a national duty. From all parts of the British Empire have come manifestations of sympathy for the relatives of those who perished; now is the time to give that sympathy tangible shape. We can best honour the dead by remembering the living.

The Lord Mayor of London announces that he will this morning open a fund on behalf of the relatives of the victims of the Titanic disaster. This fund will not only be for relatives of the crew, but for all in distress through the loss of those who have gone down on the ill-fated vessel.

At the Lord Mayor's request the Daily Sketch will receive contributions for one week, remitting the total at the end of that time to him. The mimimum subscription has been fixed at ONE SHILLING, but this need not prevent anybody subscribing. TWELVE PENNIES may be collected to make one subscription.

[address to send cheque was given]

We understand that the City Corporation will give a substantial sum towards the fund, and the proprietors of the Daily Sketch have started the collection with a contribution of 1,000 shillings.

The memory of the awful calamity will longer remain with us, but it will be softened by the knowledge that the relatives of those who died were not forgotten.

We feel sure that the S.O.S. signal of the Daily Sketch will be answered as promptly as was the wireless message from the doomed Titanic.


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